*Games are played at 3 sites. GFMS is Granite Falls Middle School. GFRD is Granite Falls Recreation Center. MLK is the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Lenoir.*

13-15 Coed Basketball Results

Tuesday, February 7th

Granite Falls Knicks 27 - Lenoir Magic 25

The Knicks secured their 1st win of the year during a game that came down to the very end. Colby Hart paced the Knicks scoring 10 points in the win. Branden Kincaid scored 10 points in the loss for the Magic.

Granite Falls Hornets 36 - Granite Falls Bulls 26

The Hornets wrapped up 1st place in the league behind a big game from John Robert Boyd. Boyd scored 12 points in the win while James Ingram chipped in with 9 points. Richie McKercher led the way for the Bulls scoring 8 points in the loss.

Saturday, February 4th

Granite Falls Bulls 32 - Granite Falls Knicks 28

Tuesday, January 31st

Granite Falls Hornets 29 - Lenoir Spurs 28

In a game that came down to the very end, the Hornets escaped with the win. It was a big comeback as they trailed by as many as 15 points during the game. James Ingram led the Hornets scoring a game high 9 points in the win while John Robert Boyd added 8 points. Ben Chanler and Jonas Doll combined for 15 points for the Spurs.

Granite Falls Bulls 34 - Granite Falls Knicks 25

The Bulls won their 2nd consecutive game behind another huge effort in the paint by Richie McKercher. McKercher scored a team high 13 points while pulling down countless rebounds in finishing with a double-double. Preston Shows chipped in with 9 points for the Bulls. The Knicks were led by Colby Hart who scored a game high 18 points in the loss.

Tuesday, January 24th

Granite Falls Bulls 28 - Lenoir Warriors 17

Richie McKercher dominated in the paint for the GF Bulls as they scored their 2nd victory of the season. He led the Bulls with 11 points while Preston Shows chipped in with 8 points and a few nice assists. Josh Baler led the Warriors with 11 points in the loss.

Granite Falls Hornets 43 - Granite Falls Knicks 21

The Hornets rolled to another victory behind James Ingrams game high 10 points. Brady Haislip scored another 8 points for the Hornets in the win. Eli Webb led the Knicks in defeat scoring 7 points.

Tuesday, January 17th

Lenoir Hornets 32 - GF Knicks 26

Lawson Gilbert led the Hornets scoring a team high 9 points in the win. Greylan Thomas added 8 points in helping the Hornets to victory. Richard Burchurd scored a game high 12 points for the Knicks in the loss.

GF Hornets 34 - GF Bulls 26

The GF Hornets continued their winning streak behind a good game from Max Rundquist. Rundquist scored 8 points in the victory while James Ingram chipped in with 7 points. The Bulls were led by Preston Shows and Tate Clough who both scored 7 points in the loss.

Wednesday, January 11th

​Lenoir Warriors defeated GF Knicks

​Lenoir Spurs defeated GF Bulls

GF Hornets defeated Lenoir Magic

Wednesday, January 4th

Lenoir Spurs defeated Granite Falls Knicks

​Granite Falls Hornets defeated Lenoir Hornets

Granite Falls Bulls defeated Lenoir Warriors

Tuesday, January 3rd

Lenoir Magic 33 - GF Bulls 23

Branden Kincaid led the Lenoir Magic with a team high 11 points in the win. Connor Witherspoon was not far behind scoring 10 points in the win. Richie McKercher had a game high 15 points for the Granite Bulls in the loss.

Lenoir Spurs 30 - GF Hornets 28

​Jonas Ball had 14 points while Mikey Hippolyte chipped in with 8 points to lead the Lenoir Spurs in a narrow victory over the Granite Falls Hornets. Jagger Carr and James Ingram had 8 points each to lead the Granite Falls Hornets in the loss.

Lenoir Hornets 38 - GF Knicks 19

Austin Sturgis could not be stopped for the Lenoir Hornets and scored a league high 18 points on the night to lead his team to the victory. Kolby Hart led the GF Knicks with 9 points.

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd @ GFMS

6:00 Lenoir Magic vs. GF Bulls

7:00 Lenoir Spurs vs. GF Hornets

8:00 Lenoir Hornets vs. GF Knicks

Wednesday, Jan. 4th @ MLK

5:30 Lenoir Spurs vs. GF Knicks

6:30 Lenoir Hornets vs. GF Hornets

7:30 Lenoir Warriors vs. GF Bulls

Tuesday, Jan. 10th @ GFMS

6:00 Lenoir Warriors vs. GF Hornets

7:00 Lenoir Magic vs. GF Knicks

8:00 Lenoir Hornets vs. GF Bulls

Wednesday, Jan. 11th @ MLK

5:30 Lenoir Warriors vs. GF Knicks

6:30 Lenoir Spurs vs. GF Bulls

7:30 Lenoir Magic vs. GF Hornets

Tuesday, Jan. 17th @ GFMS

6:30 Lenoir Hornets vs. GF Knicks

7:30 GF Hornets vs. GF Bulls

Tuesday, Jan. 24th @ GFMS

6:30 Lenoir Warriors vs. GF Bulls

7:30 GF Knicks vs. GF Hornets

Tuesday, Jan. 31st @ GFMS

6:30 Lenoir Spurs vs. GF Hornets                 

7:30 GF Bulls vs. GF Knicks

Saturday, Feb. 4th @ GFRD

3:00 GF Knicks vs. GF Bulls

Tuesday, Feb. 7th @ GFMS

6:30 Lenoir Magic vs. GF Knicks

7:30 GF Hornets vs. GF Bulls


GFMS - Granite Falls Middle School

MLK - Martin Luther King Jr. Center

GFRD - Granite Falls Recreation Dept.


13-15 Coed Basketball


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